A day full of *%@**%!! and other blips

The girls were at home yesterday and we had a productive day. Starting with a trip to creativity, a small but very well stocked craft shop, in fact too many good things, I spent much more than I had intended. The girls wanted felt to make bags And softies from this book, felt friends, that I bought Sadie for her last birthday, we then decided that decorating boxes would be another cool activity for what was going to be a wet afternoon. I also needed supplies so we spent a good hour browsing and choosing ribbons and beads.

I know Sadie wants to post pictures on her Blog and talk some more about the things they made, so I’ll leave the details to her.

Today has been hmm what can I say, testing? tricky? The day started at 5am with the dog hacking up chunks of rubber ball that he had apparently enjoyed the day before so I’ve been a bit off kilter all day.

I dropped the kids at school and wanted to stop in at one of the local shops on the way home to get dog food and a newspaper. As I tied Grayson (the Dog) up outside a voice growled at me “don’t tie your f—–g dog up there” I looked around to see a young man who I can only describe as a  stereotypical aggressive youth , white, sports clothes, snarling expression, filthy mouth and straining to hold a huge dog (an eff-ing killer as I was to be informed) I was startled and mumbled something like “no need to be so rude” I know I should have said nothing! but hey he was horrid, he then screamed at me to f–k off, his dog was going to f—–g kill my dog and then eat my f—–g face off, he wasn’t very imaginative with his choice of expletives but it had the desired effect, sending me home shaking and close to tears.

I was upset in part because it was only last week that a woman used the same language to my ten-year old daughter for no reason other than we were walking on the same pavement as her, I also commented on the unnecessary rudeness on this occasion and of course got a stream of abuse that was luckily mostly incoherent, I know a lesson learnt… don’t say anything, but I hate feeling intimidated in my neighbourhood and well it just makes me sad and worried for the children, I suspect my advice to them would be to never engage with people like that whatever they say!

Once home I made a cup of tea and sat down at my computer but the internet was all jammed up so had to abandon that job. next on my to do list was documenting my work, I also wanted to photograph several dolls that are ready to list on Etsy but my camera took one image before the battery went flat. So I’ve sewed brooches today and been thinking about new designs, no pictures though! except this one of work in progress on brooches using the new set of doll faces completed last week.

I’ve also been thinking about The Renegade Craft Fair which is coming to London for the first time this October, applications start on the 1st July, I’m not sure if I’m a good ‘fit’ or not, what do you think?

It would link neatly to my Etsy store and seems the most relevant to my style of art & craft, I really need to get out and meet people and see how they respond to my work, it’s good experience for me because I find the selling bit hard. I have a few days to think about it and pluck up my courage.  That’s the door, Toms home from school, see you later. found one more picture to finish with.


2 thoughts on “A day full of *%@**%!! and other blips

  1. I think you should give Renegade a go, not that I’m really acquainted with it but you need to get out there and see what kind of reaction you get. London must be the place to do that surely? You’re incredibly creative and have your own distinct style, it won’t be to everyone’s taste but I think you’ll get a good response (unless it’s all embroidered hankies and lavender sachets?) Have you tried markets in Bristol?

    1. Thanks Deb, I’m investigating Bath & Bristol, trying to avoid the hankies but also the markets that are high end but too artisan ceramics, woven textiles and intricate jewellery, does that make sense? I have a look in mind but it’s tricky to describe, anyway I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get into those markets. Renegade originated in Chicago and promotes ‘Indie Craft’ again not completely sure what that covers but certainly a lot of Etsy sellers are involved.

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