Sunshine & a garden party

Today was glorious, the first day to really feel like summer, and we were celebrating my brother’s birthday. The kids and I walked up to mum & dads to join the rest of the family for a lovely barbecue in the garden, the food was lovely, lamb and beautiful bean and aubergine salads, homemade humus and pita bread. The sun just kept shining and mums garden always looks so beautiful even with building work going on.

my parents have a very old apple tree and a mulberry tree, both offer good climbing.

so the children climbed and drank mini colas

The birthday boy was smiling, dad relaxed and my little clown kept her young cousin laughing until the cheese cake arrived.

Then with enough food and drink consumed we lay on the grass until it was time to walk home.

I snapped the last of mums roses, I miss my roses so much, I had planted them for over ten years, but hey it’s never too late, I’m sure I’ll have a oppertunity to plant another garden some time.

Tom & Sadie got a lift home with their box of guinea pigs who had come along for some fun and lots of grass. Rosie and I walked.

We left Kingsdown on top of the hill and travelled down Ninetree Hill.

Rosie was ahead of me all the way! Below we are approaching Stokes Croft, the skull painting has been there for many years.

next is the corner of Picton Street

At the end of Picton Street I turned and took a photo looking up a quiet Sunday street.

And finally home to catch the last of the sun with a cool drink of lime cordial and mint, I even managed a couple of pages of my book before supper and bedtime.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine & a garden party

  1. Que buena fiesta de verano, el jardín precioso… tan verde! el paseo por la ciudad, muy grato, ah! por unos minutos me pareció vivir el cálido día de fin de semana…

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