Doll Faces

I finished these drawings today, the idea is to print these on fabric and use them for doll faces. I’ve made up a couple of characters from previous drawings, examples here and here. I have a few ideas to develop these but nothing definite yet, also I have brooches and packaging to complete before I start on tsomething new. And I have a few clay figures that I really want to finish!


4 thoughts on “Doll Faces

  1. Dear Jess, I am an artist and graphic designer in Rio de Janeiro and at this moment my life is taking a new direction on my professional work. It was always a real fight tryng to define to be a writer or an artist, but actually I think I have choose both sides together, indeed its all about art. Now I’m tryng to bring my own personal stories and imagery to my work, it means we have always two lives togheter at the same time living. I guess it is alike being a mother. Very special compositions and graphicaly expressive. Which medium do you use here? They look like litography… Best Wishes,

    Demetrius Giovanni

    1. Hi Demetrius,
      Thank you for your lovely message and good luck with your creative plans. The faces are printed on textiles from my original ink and pencil drawings. Best wishes Jess

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