The Kids New Blog

Me Today, wearing more brooches!

I had a slow day today, it’s the end of the week and I really needed a less frantic day before the weekend, the kids have Monday off school then the following Thursday for the teachers strike, so I’ll need all my energy reserves for this long weekend.

I still managed some bits and pieces on the brooches plus some drawings. This morning I set up a blog for the children as promised and Sadie put together her first post when she got back from school, if I have time I’ll add a couple of things for Tom and Rosie. There are also some lovely words about my work here at The Golden Boot.

I’m padding out with a few photos that aren’t very good, I’m afraid I concentrated on images for the kids Blog and not mine today!

Have been taking many pictures of my greetings cards



2 thoughts on “The Kids New Blog

  1. 1: adoré tu falda!
    2: la tarjeta con la mujer del vestido amarillo… es espectacular!
    3: el blog de los niños esta precioso, la niña del violín… adorable como describe sus deberes… y el collage de la balsa es precioso!. Quería dejar comentarios pero sentí pudor, Te parece bien a ti que le escriba directamente en el blog?
    4: Bonitas fotos de tu trabajo en La bota de Oro.

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