Burnt Brooches, Batty Behaviour and a Basket full of Beautiful Cats

I managed to burn a whole batch of brooches today, sometimes you can over do it, and I was just a bit too tired to concentrate on making today. So I focused on photographing brooches and cards this morning. Then a bit of computer research for packaging and moleskin journals, Plus a morning post here on inspirational books. Then a long list made of craft shop supplies that I hope to pick up tomorrow, all the boring little bits like brooch backs and cellophane pockets. Then this evening cutting out card mounts for brooches. Above I am modeling one of the completed brooches. below is a self-portrait just before the afternoon school run yesterday, I’m wearing a paperclay clown brooch in this one, trying a little self promotion, see what kind of feedback I get!

Then lots of nice photos of the brooches completed yesterday.

Will I go out wearing this many? probably not.

The smaller brooches above are all completed now and ready to list in my shop, planning to do this tomorrow and over the weekend. below are a few brooches with extra ribbon details, also ready to list.

Blue June above and Emmeline below.

Then lots of photographs of cards, to update the shop as a lot of the original pictures were taken on a very grey day and are not so good.And just for fun, Ziggy & Bonny enjoying my knitting basket above whilst I’m just being silly below, did I mention I’m really tired!

Good Night.


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