Still Brooch making

I’ve managed to complete quite a few brooches today and get them listed on Etsy still I estimate another two or three days to get them all completed. Then I will move onto textile doll / characters and paper clay sculptures which need some finishing touches before being listed in my shop. Above is my final sheet of drawings (for now) for the brooches, completed this evening whilst watching four rooms & Luther.

Below are a set of smaller brooches using the same drawn faces I have used on some of my larger textile pieces, whilst sewing them together today I was suddenly reminded of some much loved childhood books that I think were Teddy bears by Susanna Getz  so I’m sure that’s where these originate from in the depths of my childhood memory!

So I’m pleased with progress made and am off to bed for some much-needed sleep. But before I go here is a link To a lovely italian Blog belonging to Irene Zuccarello who just happens to be featuring my work, take a look she has lots of lovely things to browse through.

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