Sewing up

before I settle down to some serious work today I thought I would post images of brooches so far. I’m choosing felt colours today and hoping to get them sewn together. Although I’m running low on supplies and will need to order felt and shrink plastic soon.

My weekend ended up being much busier than expected, I was down to one child but there were multiple birthday parties and present buying to do, so much running about. At times like this I do wish I could drive! but there is just no time or money at the moment so it’s somewhere near the end of my ever-expanding to do list.

Above you can see a selection in various stages, some are printed on transparent plastic and have a soft subtle feel to them, others are printed on white and have a much bolder bright finish. I’m also experimenting with shrinking down my dolls faces to make small brooches/ pins which you can see in the second row up.

Above you can see the brooches printed on white and the three images below show drawings printed on the transparent shrink plastic. The two have a different feel so I will have to think about how I make up the darker ones.


4 thoughts on “Sewing up

    1. Well I don’t feel quite so bad now, it’s good to know I’m not the only non driver in the world. I blame City living, there was never any great need to learn.

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