Sadies drawing

I forgot Sadie (the 10 yr old) wanted to post her drawing on my blog. I noticed another blogger has set up a blog for their kids which seems like a nice idea, I might run this past Sadie and see what she thinks. Music is calming down a little now so I’m off to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Sadies drawing

  1. I was thinking of doing that (setting up a kids blog) myself the other day – I often post Nelly’s drawings on my blog – it’s like the virtual equivalent of putting them on the fridge isn’t it! She’s always really chuffed to see her stuff on there.

    1. Hi Flora, they do love seeing their work on the computer, so maybe this weekend if we have time Sadie & I could sit down and organise this for her, I’ll post here to say how it went

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