Drawing Brooches

This morning started with a frantic rush to get children to school with everything they need for the weekend with their Dad, plus the youngest is off on Brownie camp which required a last-minute search for a camp bed. Luckily my lovely neighbours had one to hand.

I then popped in to see Mum & Dad which is long over due, I’ve just been so crazy busy, but Dads not been feeling great recently and has been subjected to lots of tests, so far everything is fine. They are having the roof done on the house so don’t need any extra stress at the moment.

A trip to the post office to find they don’t stock the packaging I need so home in the pouring rain to get on with some work. I forgot to photograph the brooch sewing from last night and this morning so will do that tomorrow. Above are the drawings completed this afternoon for new brooches, I have two more sheets to complete, then it will be time to shrink & sew together, I hope I bought enough brooch pins!


2 thoughts on “Drawing Brooches

    1. Hi Sandra

      I’ve just moved from Typepad, so this blog is very new, still have a lot of work to do transferring info from one blog to another! thank you for visiting, all the best Jess:).

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