Loving the oil paints

I packaged up a couple of orders this morning and popped to the post office, I also had a Bristol customer collect her Rachel rabbit clay brooch. So a good start to the day, then back to my little canvases for some more painting. Still just playing around and re acquainting myself with the medium. It’s been fun to just translate some of my drawn characters into paint, I don’t try to copy a drawing but use it as a starting point and see where it goes.

I would like to do a couple more paintings and whilst they dry get on with some new brooches, both the clay and the felt/ shrink plastic. I also have a lot of finished items to list in my shops, so keep checking here for updates. I’m undecided about what exactly should go into the new Big Cartel shop and may take a little longer to complete this one, but Etsy should have new stock soon.

I worked on the little grey bear, the flying boy and a bit more work on the girl in red, I haven’t measured the canvases but think they are 4 or 5″ square. I don’t think I’ll really get to grips with my painting ‘style’ until I move on to slightly larger canvases, I tend to have strange narratives going on in my work, so the small canvases can only hint at this, I have a couple of ideas brewing for larger works.

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