Starting small

I can not believe it has been so long, I’m estimating 12-13 years since I last used oil paints, yep that was when I became a mum. So today I took the plunge and opened my small box of oils and yes got out a very small canvas. There were definitely nerves involved but also space, I’m still working at home so until I’m back in the studio I’ll have to keep it small.

But as soon as I got my first heady whiff of turpentine and oil I couldn’t stop, I just love oil paints so so much, I want to paint a hundred paintings, a thousand…..and I will. I’ve held back for so long, feeling guilty about pursuing art seriously or even as a hobby, I introduced sewing as a sort of secret way to create, a medium that suggested more practical applications, I tried knitting hats, making clothes, textile bags and children’s toys but in the end just started creating the characters floating around in my head, they are what? I don’t know, not exactly ‘Art’ or ‘Craft’ not toys or home decor, but since picking up my paint brushes today I just don’t care, they are what they are, a part of my work that I love doing and I am determined to find a way to earn my living doing this.

wow, got that off my chest, you are probably expecting some amazing piece of work after all that, well this is starting small, it’s been a long time remember. I’m not sure that it’s finished yet, a painting of a girl based on some of my drawings. I want to do another one but I need to eat and the kids will be back from brownies and their dads soon.


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