Welcome to a new blog

The Squares, Maggie & Sid

I’m spending far too much time trying to navigate my way around WordPress and get this blog up and running, so here goes with the first post. I’ve blogged here for a couple of years and for reasons I am still a little unsure about have decided to experiment with a move.

I think it is all about a fresh start, my life unravelled a couple of years ago and it has been a huge journey to get myself and my three children settled in our new life. Financially we are still on very shaky ground and I have decided to put a large chunk of energy towards my art, starting with a relaunch of my Etsy shop and setting up a new one here at Big cartel. I was inspired to move to WordPress by my friend Charlotte’s great Blog.  Also that this is free and I’m not sure I’m getting much more for my money at TypePad. So far so good, although I’m a little confused behind the scenes about how much customizing I can do and where to get help.

The above image is an example of my recent work, Sid & Maggie Square. I’m still playing around with themes, headers, backgrounds. This post is just to get started and see how things look.

I will be adding lots of pictures of work in progress, shop updates and lovely giveaways so keep popping back to see whats new.


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