A darker side

Fairytales and nursery rhymes often weave their way into artist’s work, this week they have been creeping into mine. I have spent the last five weeks painting almost every day between family commitments. This is the most intense period of painting since leaving art school many years ago and it has been amazing, I have pushed really hard through one mistake to the next, it has been a process almost of relearning.

Moving forward

It’s been a difficult summer with the shock of a family crisis. Compounded by endless gruelling job interviews, I am left emotionally, physically & financially exhausted.

I’ve been weaving in and out of family commitments this summer to find time to paint, I’m not sure exactly what it is I am hoping to achieve but it felt important to grapple back some sense of control. Having stopped all artistic pursuits last year to enrol on a teacher training course I felt, at the beginning of the school summer holidays, distanced from my creative self (there is little room for creativity in the classroom it seems) Having not yet secured a teaching job I am again faced with an uncertain future.

Painting is where I started (first real memories around age four) I trained for many years and have a first class degree from Glasgow school of art so it felt right in the midst of such turmoil and uncertainty to reach back to my core and start afresh from scratch. That probably sounds a bit silly but it has kept me focused and hopeful.

I have spent years agitating over work and ideas, gauging each design for commercial viability so it has been amazing to just paint anything I want in any way I want for a few weeks, this work comes out of sadness and adversity but is in itself full of happiness and hope.

Inspiration has come from close by, my children, my home, my parents home, plants, books, photographs, Bristol. My imagination is always pretty active but it has been nice to let it rest some days and just concentrate on colour, light and shapes. The summer holidays are nearly over, maybe I will find some way to continue painting, I hope so.



Shop sale

I have added a large selection of sale items to my shop, original paintings, drawings and embroidery, all of this work has been produced over the last three years, I have also selected a few new works to go on sale so there is a great variety of items to choose from. Have a look here  for original artworks at amazing prices. Thank you.