Peg dolls



This is a project I have waited to complete for ages and it felt perfect to get them ready for Christmas. This is also a brilliant way to utilise all my lovely scraps that are just too good to get rid of. I spent yesterday creating 20 little dolls, it was very satisfying to realise several ideas so quickly, my large textile dolls take a long time to create! But I’m also thinking there are a few ideas here for larger dolls. I used scraps of vintage silk, tana lawn and Japanese kimono fabric as well as various trims and miniature flowers.












I have spent the morning finishing off some drawings, above are three animal ink drawings. Then three woodland children and three Hollywood inspired drawings. I have also made a lovely group of traditional peg dolls that I will try to photograph today although the weather is rather grim and the light very grey.







Lots of new designs for Christmas

We got through half term, although the children and I were all ill and one or two children have been at home for the last week so it doesn’t really feel like term has started yet.  I have carried on working between trips to the doctors and administering medicine and today I have finally had a few hours of child free working time so I feel far less stressed and far more focused on what needs to be done pre-Christmas (too much!! so I’ll need to devise a plan whilst the children are away)

Despite the stress of the last couple of weeks I feel excited with the new designs I have completed, first a selection of Christmas wreaths or wall hangings that are subtly seasonal using wire, cloth and felt they look lovely hanging on my walls. Inspiration as always has come from childhood memories, my mum has a wonderful collection of Christmas decorations including some little felt animals she made, I always loved these magical miniature creatures and unwrapping them each year to decorate the tree is one of my favourite memories. So far bears, birds and horses, with patterns for a camel, lama, swan, elephant and donkey waiting to take shape. Above are some terrier decorations and dala horses and below are the christmas wreaths or woodland wall hangings.

I have also been working on a selection of lovely softie pillows and a new doll design!! the Sazzy doll named after my favourite childhood rag doll sewn by my mum is a long tall display doll, she will come in two sizes and can hang on the wall or sit. Her limbs are long and un-stuffed to emphasise her elegant proportions. With these dolls I wanted to concentrate on beautiful textiles, colour and texture, they have merino wool hair, chunky knit tops and skirts and dresses made from silks, linen and cotton from my huge collection of vintage fabric. The very last photo shows a fox scarf that I am also working on.




Christmas is on its way!

I am working away preparing for Christmas with lots of new designs and Molly Dolly’s getting ready for the festive season. Above are some little retro inspired characters and below are images of my work table with lots of work in progress, hanging decorations, gingerbread boys and snow babies, lovely soft fleece character pillows, Molly Dolly’s, stockings, scarves and bonnets. Also lots of drawing and some embroidery. Wow this has taken forever, is there something wrong with WordPress today? uploading images is very tricky, keep loosing my pictures and the spacing between images is not registering properly so apologies if post looks a bit odd!! anyway I think I have most of them here. All this lovely goodness will be appearing in my shop over the next few weeks. Back to work now!


Teeny tiny Molly Dolly’s getting ready for Christmas stockings!

I have been working hard on lots of new ideas for Christmas, nearly completed are my first set of teeny tiny Molly Dolly’s at about 6″ tall they are perfect little stocking fillers, like the full size Molly’s they are made from linen and cotton some vintage some new, they have hand knitted skirts and silk ribbons in their hair. I am also making tiny woodland hoots, christmas trees and mushrooms. The Christmas fairies are about 6 – 7″ tall and are inspired by those wonderfully kitsch tree ornaments from the 1950s and 60s, I wanted them to be glitzy and sparkly like they are off to a Mad Men cocktail party, their dresses are vintage silk and they have fabulous apricot and peach wool hair. The last image shows a large Molly Dolly in progress, the first of a special edition of retro themed dolls, this lovely girl will be 1940s. I know I’ve been a little slow posting recently, just so much work to do but I will try to keep updated on whats new for the holiday season, birds and stockings next!

New yoyo babies in shop


Two sweet yoyo babies have arrived in my shop today, made from new and vintage fabrics with embroidered faces and jointed legs so they can sit in various positions. Hope to have even more yoyo babies in the lead up to Christmas. I’m also working on stockings, fat little Robins and new Molly Dolly’s.


Custom Molly Dolly

Have just finished this lovely custom order, a Molly Dolly mermaid with sky blue hair. This is my second custom order and I’m really pleased with her, custom orders are a whole new world of anxiety as you hope your vision matches that of your customer! But also really interesting, I usually just let the doll take me where ever my imagination wants to go, so it’s a nice contrast to have a loose brief and see what evolves with added ingredients.