Teeny tiny Molly Dolly’s getting ready for Christmas stockings!

I have been working hard on lots of new ideas for Christmas, nearly completed are my first set of teeny tiny Molly Dolly’s at about 6″ tall they are perfect little stocking fillers, like the full size Molly’s they are made from linen and cotton some vintage some new, they have hand knitted skirts and silk ribbons in their hair. I am also making tiny woodland hoots, christmas trees and mushrooms. The Christmas fairies are about 6 – 7″ tall and are inspired by those wonderfully kitsch tree ornaments from the 1950s and 60s, I wanted them to be glitzy and sparkly like they are off to a Mad Men cocktail party, their dresses are vintage silk and they have fabulous apricot and peach wool hair. The last image shows a large Molly Dolly in progress, the first of a special edition of retro themed dolls, this lovely girl will be 1940s. I know I’ve been a little slow posting recently, just so much work to do but I will try to keep updated on whats new for the holiday season, birds and stockings next!

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