Embroidered drawings

Inspiration for these drawings has come from a mixture of sources, I have childhood memories of cards with spanish flamenco dancers who wore dresses overlaid with silky threads, I was fascinated by these beautifully kitsch creations and have always wanted to do something with embroidered stitches on paper. Secondly a love of the intricate miniature paintings from India and Persia, I have a book called mostly miniatures, an introduction to Persian painting, I’ve also been enjoying a book called Fierce friends on early paintings depicting animals, I love that the animals are not always anatomically correct with slightly distorted shapes,sometimes because the artists were painting from written descriptions and imagination.


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  1. I’m also an artist and become a mother after graduated. Balanced craft and quality time is the key! I can feel those hardships but continuing the passion is bigger than the struggles. Keep posting more art works :)

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